Location: Dulwich Road, London SE24
Lead Pimpers: Richard Reynolds, Lyla Patel, Kit Reynolds, Freya Reynolds and Grace Reynolds
First planted: 28 November 2010
Description: When the entrance to Brockwell Park was re-landscaped in 2009 two new generously proportioned round tree pits were created in the smart stone paving. They have great potential to welcome people into this beautiful park but they’ve been left to be colonised by grass. That was until my twin brother (who lives locally) and I got together with our families to dig one over and plant with tulip bulbs, with one daughter wearing her fairy wings which felt appropriate. I’d hoped he might be encouraged to plant something good for another season, but his focus has been closer to home in Regent Road. But for half an hours work we’ve had two glorious seasons of bulbs so far. Nature has also contributed. Because we removed the grass and because the tulips are below ground for most of the year space has been freed for wild plants to colonise and you’ll see the leaves of mallow appearing beneath this year’s tulip blooms.

28 November 2010

28 November 2010

2 April 2012

10 April 2011

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