London’s Green Corners Award
Pimp Your Pavement has partnered with the Conservation Foundation since 2010 and created a category in their annual London Green Corners competition to award pavement pimpers. Plans are being made for a 2012 competition. Sign up below to hear when news is announced.

Southwark Living Streets
Campaigning for better streets and public spaces for people on foot. They have welcomed Pimp Your Pavement into their area and facilitated legitimate pimping by navigating council bureaucracy in some locations.

Rivers of Flowers
Kathryn Lwin and her team have a simple and appealing vision, to create wild-life friendly ‘pollination streams’ or ‘green corridors’ in order to help our pollinators, bees, butterflies and hoverflies, find forage in the city. Where some might see neglect and weeds she recognises valuable native plants and precious wilderness, but also encourages planting and careful management to keep the far less precious grasses at bay. Rivers of Flowers both help create, map and engage people in these rivers, linking meadows, parks, front gardens and of course pimped pavements.

Lambeth Living and Lambeth Council
Four years on the trot Lambeth Living have invited Richard Reynolds to host their Estate’s In Bloom Awards, providing a platform in the town hall to talk about his public realm greening initiatives. In 2010 the audience of councillors, officers and local residents seized upon Pimp Your Pavement with enthusiasm. There is an environment of positive encouragement in this borough for pavement pimpers. The council’s Fresh View scheme is an award winning service that has facilitated many pimped pavements across the borough.

London Sustainable Development Commission
The Pimp Your Pavement campaign was born out of an experiment of seeing if high level local government might help facilitate what was usually guerrilla gardening, and therefore illegal. The idea was presented in Richard Reynolds’ application for their London Leader’s volunteer programme, and was accepted. In the end the LSDC didn’t facilitate a great deal, in fact the experiment exacerbated negative perceptions with London’s transport authority TfL for a while, but nevertheless if it was not for them this campaign would not have been launched.

Pimp Your Pavement was supported in 2010 with a £2,000 donation from the Timberland Earthkeepers Initiative, kindly administered and introduced by Project Dirt.