Location: Tabard Street, London SE1
Lead Pimpers: Clare Armstrong and Richard Reynolds
First planted: 5 November 2010
Description: Until 2010 this was a road but it was pedestrianised with a rather fussy series of roundels of grass, seemingly random planting of ginko and rickety benches. Southwark Living Streets began campaigning to have the area upgraded and as part of the initiative to improve the area invited me to organise a pimp your pavement tulip planting. We weeded the tree pits, added some fresh soil and planted a mixture of red and black tulips, a councillor turned up just too late to get her hands dirty. Until the future of the space is more certain the pimping is limited to occasional weeding by Clare and myself, but we’ve enjoyed two good seasons of bulbs so far.

13 April 2012

5 November 2010

5 November 2010

30 March 2011

Before - 5 November 2010

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