7 Useful Instagram Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Instagram is one of the most potent, highly visualizing platforms that are best for businesses to promote their products. You can create short-form videos and highlight your brand the most. Instagram is famous for dance challenges, memes, pranks, and trends, and it has gained the attention of small businesses and top brands. If you are new to Instagram, starting on a new platform with its trends, audience, and effects might be frightening. In that instance, you can initiate your process and generate leads for your small business. However, if you are already on Instagram, you might grab a few new content ideas in the following post.

1. Behind the scenes

Showing your audience what is going on behind the scenes of your business is very important. Every top brand uses the behind-the-scenes concept on Instagram. This type of content reveals the original side of your business and helps your followers to connect personally. You can also share on Reels and buy instagram reels likes to gain engagement and build brand authority. BTS will also help your audience engage and understand how their products are made and packed. That means that you can show only some of the basic things. Instead, you try to show how your business works to satisfy your audience’s curiosity.

2. Tips and Advice for Small Businesses

Sharing tips and advice is one of the important factors where you can draw many audiences. For example, on Instagram, many aspiring and budding small businesses would love some inspiring advice, and you can provide a few pieces of advice using your videos. This can make them follow your page, and that helps you grow your audience.
Again, you do not have to reveal all your secrets, but transparency will make your page trustworthy and reliable. Furthermore, this helps your brand to become an inspiration to every other aspiring brand.
For instance, you can share tips on launching a new product, ideas on finding a manufacturer, some do’s and don’ts before starting a small business, and tips on promoting a business on Instagram. In addition, Instagram is an entertainment application, and you can use it to inspire your fellow small businesses with entertaining content.

3. Pack an Order

You can pack your customers’ orders in a fun way and video record them to reveal the behind-the-scenes clips. You can also showcase the efforts you put into your process with the help of FollowFormation and achieve your business goals. This is your opportunity to showcase to your prospects what to expect when their ordered packages reach. It is an excellent idea if you provide complimentary like thank you notes, freebies, and special packaging.
Some businesses on Instagram also have customers request to see the packaging videos of their ordered products. Remember that you should never reveal your customer’s data without their consent in your videos.

4. Display the Applications of Your Products

Instagram is a platform for entertainment. But you can also post videos about your business’s products and services. Let your audience know the applications of your products in your videos. Let them know how it works and is used in different situations.
Whatever you may show depends on your product, but here you will have some ideas:

  • Reveal whether your product is water and weather resistant,
  • Reveal your fabric’s stretch,
  • Reveal how a skin care product is used,
  • How to pair jewelry with an outfit,
  • Creating a glam look, and more.

5. Communicate with Your Customers

Instagram allows you to interact and engage with your customers differently. You can create duet videos with your customers using split screens on the platform. Or you may make a video with someone else’s video besides yours. If your customers give you positive product reviews, you can use them to promote your brand by creating duets with those videos. You can also motivate users to post videos of these types by providing discount codes on your products.
If your customers ask any doubts or questions about your products, you can reply to their comments. Or else you can create a Reels video to answer their doubts or queries. And to make it go viral, take the necessary steps to buy instagram reels views and move your business forward. You could also click reply, record a video, and add an overlay of your customer’s comment. It helps in interacting with your customers and makes them feel engaged.

6. New Product Launches

You can build up curiosity before launching new products by teasing your customers on Instagram. This can trigger your customers’ interest and make them want to purchase that product as soon as it becomes available.

You can show why your product is unique and different from others. You can also build your audiences’ excitement and curiosity by posting countdown series of your product’s launch.

7. Discover a Trend

Instagram always stays in trend because Instagram always launches new sounds, memes, stickers, filters, effects, challenges, and more. So you should spend some time to see what is trending on Instagram.

You can also follow other businesses or competitors to know what they do to keep their customers engaged. You can use the discovery page to see what is trending in your niche and create videos to promote your products.

Final Thoughts

In this post, you can learn some helpful Instagram content ideas for small businesses. Using these, you can post content regularly and at the right time. Of course, you don’t have to create content with big budgets, but something simple and unexpected might go trending and viral on Instagram.

Always create simple content that keeps your audience engaged. Instagram lets you advertise your products for free. Please use the platform to its fullest because Instagram can potentially build an engaged community for your small business.