6 Strategies to Get Qualified Leads Using Instagram Stories

Lead generation is a crucial yet challenging part of business marketing. As a business owner or marketer, you might have implemented several techniques on different digital platforms to generate leads. Ever tried generating leads with Instagram Stories? If not, now is the time for you.

Stories are one of the sought-after features of the Instagram application. The users should create and share stunning visual content that does not exceed 15 seconds. A notable fact is that you can share only ephemeral content that disappears after 24 hours. The great thing is that more users watch Instagram Stories created by brands than others. Hence, there are more chances to reach your target audience and bring in potential customers for your business via Stories. Moreover, you can buy instagram story views to take your content in front of huge audiences in no time.

Willing to leverage the power of Instagram Stories for lead generation? Then, look no further! This article will provide you with smart strategies to get leads by utilizing the Stories feature. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in.

1. Create and Share Product-Based Stories

Your main objective is to promote your products and generate leads for your business. Keep this in mind and craft a captivating Story in such a way that it showcases your products in different ways.

You can post product demonstrations behind the scenes of your product making, specialties of your products, etc. Some of the content ideas for product-based stories are USP (Unique Selling Points), cool features of your product, how buyers can benefit from it, and so on. No matter what, be genuine and authentic to take your business to the next level.

2. Make Your Stories Visually Appealing

Simply shooting and sharing a story might not be so effective. Your visual should be eye-catching and hold your audience’s attention until the end. Make use of stickers, filters, special effects, and much more to make your video impressive. Remember that people would love to consume visual experiences more than your product promotion. So, create your stories accordingly. Furthermore, take advantage of BuyRealGramViews to boost your Stories performance and make the most of it effectively.

3. Always Add a Call to Action

When you simply create and share a story, viewers may watch it and skip to the next one for sure. If you really want them as your leads, adding a call to action (CTA) that encourages them to perform a certain action right away is essential. For example, add CTAs like Shop now, visit websites now, check out my profile, link in bio, fill out the form, and more.

4. Embed Clickable Links to Stories

In the past years, a clickable link could be added only in the Instagram bio. But now you can embed it in your Instagram Stories too. Wondering how? Yes, search for links stickers in the stories section and paste the link you need to publish. Then, it will be convenient for your followers and viewers to land on the page where they can convert themselves into customers.

5. Save the Best Story to the Highlights Section

It is well-known that Instagram Stories stay on your profile only for 24 hours. So, any important content about your business shared on stories might be unknown to your new followers and profile visitors. Hence, it is a good idea to save the best stories in the highlights section and let them be there forever. You can highlight stories that gained huge engagement, stories about your products or services, stories about your brand value, etc.

6. Seek the Support of Influencers

Another great way to generate leads for your business is by seeking the support of influencers. There are tons of influencers out there on TikTok. All you have to do is search for the influencers who share content relevant to your niche and have loads of followers who may be your leads.

There is no compulsion that you should only opt for mega influencers who have millions of followers. Based on the budget, make a deal with nano or micro-influencers who can support your generating good leads. Lastly, feature their content in your stories to gain thousands of leads easily. On the other hand, buy instagram impressions to build credibility for your profile and gain more leads organically.

Summing Up

And there you have it. These are the simple yet powerful strategies that take you towards generating leads for your business with Instagram Stories. You’re not just limited to these! Stay up to date with current trends and experiment with existing sources to bring out excellent Instagram stories that speak for your brand. Good luck 🙂

Leverage Instagram Stories to Level Up Your Business With Qualified Leads!