6 Simple Instagram Story Ideas to Enhance Your E-Commerce Store

Instagram Stories – An effective way to enhance e-Commerce business with ephemeral content. This dedicated feature enables users to create and share stunning visual content that doesn’t exceed 15 seconds. The best part is that Instagrammers have access to tons of resources that can spice up Stories content within the application.

The expanded reach and high engagement rate made ‘Stories’ a sought-after feature on Instagram. Brands and businesses take advantage of this special feature to turn their followers into customers. Moreover, aspiring business owners buy instagram story views to boost content visibility and reach a wider audience in no time.

Willing to spread the word about your store via Instagram Stories? No idea what to share? You’re not alone! This article has come up with a set of Instagram Story ideas to elevate your e-commerce business to the next level.

1. Show Behind-the-Scenes

Building personal relationships with followers reflects positively on your business success. When you keep on sharing product-based content, your audiences might be bored or don’t gain trust in you. So, shoot and share behind the scenes to give your followers a sneak peek into your business. Don’t post raw videos! Search for special effects, filters, or stickers that would enrich the value of your Stories.

2. Build Hype for New Product Launch

Sharing regular feed posts to announce your product launch might not be effective. Whereas Instagram Stories let you build hype or create excitement around your new product in different ways. For instance, make use of a Countdown sticker to mark the days or times until the product launch. Otherwise, use a poll or quiz sticker to give a hint or let your followers guess the product.

3. Conduct Q & A Session

Engaging with existing customers and potential followers is essential to expand your e-commerce business via Instagram marketing. There are several ways to engage with your audiences on Instagram. In addition to sending replies to Direct Messages and responding to comments, consider conducting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) or Q & A session to seek suggestions from your followers as well as audiences. This greatly helps to drive more sales for your business. Furthermore, take advantage of EarnViews to get the best out of your Instagram Stories.

4. Create a Shoppable Story

As everyone knows, a clickable link can only be on an Instagram bio. Therefore, it might be daunting for potential buyers to visit your product page and make a purchase. Don’t worry. Henceforth, you can add a link sticker to a particular product on your Instagram Stories. Then, when a viewer clicks on your link, he/she will be redirected to the purchase page so that they can complete the purchase right away.

5. Share User-Generated Content

Whether it is 1$ or 100$, buyers always want to know the experience of previous customers before investing in a product or service. So, why not showcase the specialty of your products in front of your audiences and let them make a better purchase decision? Whenever a customer shares a video regarding your business, make sure to post it on your Instagram Stories. This draws the attention of your potential audiences to become your loyal customers. In addition, buy instagram impressions to build credibility and drive more sales legitimately.

6. Give Recommendations to Audiences

Being social is a great way to strengthen your success on social media. Don’t be selfish and concentrates only on your own growth. Although you cannot support your competitors, please be ready to support the creators as well as brands that struggle to spread the word about their presence. In simple words, give recommendations for your followers regarding a business or brand related to a different niche. Share a few good words about a respective profile and mention their Instagram handle so your followers can visit their profile for more information.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, these are the set of Instagram Stories ideas, especially for e-Commerce businesses. Consider these ideas in the initial stages. Don’t stick with it! Experiment with different resources of Stories and give a tangible reason for your followers to choose your products by unleashing your creativity. Good luck 🙂

Keep Instagramming, and Keep Growing 🙂