How to Make Use of TikTok’s Playlist Feature?

A messy profile or organized profile. Which one do you prefer visiting? Obviously, the latter one. Because no one wants to go through a tangled profile that leads to chaos. Alright! This article is all about staying organized with your TikTok account. Interested? Keep reading!

TikTok is one of the best-known social media applications . This versatile platform enables users to entertain, educate, engage or establish connections with people all over the world. Individuals, content creators and influencers share short videos to showcase their talents and attain their diverse goals. Moreover, the aspiring TikTokers buy tiktok likes to get more engagement and increase the chance of going viral legitimately.

TikTok is constantly-growing! The app often rolls out new features to enhance user experience. There are plethora of in-app features out there on TikTok and ‘Playlist’ is one among them. Let us discuss it in more detail.

TikTok Playlist: What It Really Means?

A TikTok profile with less number of videos is easy to surf. When it starts to grow with more videos, it becomes challenging to find the right video for the profile visitors. And so, the app released a dedicated feature named ‘Playlist’ to keep videos organized.

TikTok Playlist also known as Creator Playlist is a one of the sought-after features found on TikTok application. The content creators can make use of it to categorize their videos and make it easier for viewers to consume similar content conveniently. The created playlist appears on the top of your videos in your profile. Avail the support of Trollishly to maximize your video reach and get the best out of it.

TikTok Playlist: Is It Available for All TikTokers?

Unfortunately, the TikTok playlist is not accessible for all the creators. Only the selected creators and business accounts can utilize the playlist feature currently. It is expected that the feature will be accessible for all the TikTok users in the future. Although you don’t have a Playlist feature you can see and go through other creator’s playlist easily.

When Should You Use a Creator Playlist?

Wondering when to use a TikTok Playlist? There are no exact rules! Some of the significant reasons/situations to get hold of TikTok Playlist are mentioned below.

  • When you create and share videos in different categories. Eg: Cooking vLogs, Recipes, Tips, etc.
  • When you post videos in various niches. Eg: Travel, Food, Parenting, Home Decor, etc.
  • When you have the habit of sharing videos in series. Eg: Online courses, Fiction-based Stories, etc.
  • When you create content for different TikTok subcultures. Eg: #EduTok, #BookTok, #FoodTok, etc.

You’re not just limited to these. You can use Playlist whenever there is a need to organize your videos on TikTok. Having a playlist helps content creators to gain more views and engagement effortlessly. Furthermore, buy tiktok followers to increase content visibility and attain popularity in an organic way.

Steps to Create Your Own TikTok Playlist

Generally, a TikTok Playlist can be created in two different ways; one from your profile and another from your video directly. The simple steps are discussed below.

1. TikTok Playlist from Profile

  • Open TikTok application.
  • Go to your Profile. Find the icon in the bottom right corner and tap on it.
  • Search for the Videos tab and select Sort videos into playlists to create your first playlist. Otherwise click on ‘+’ icon to create the next playlist.
  • Add a name to your playlist.
  • Select the required videos to put them in your playlist.
  • Organize the videos in any order that you want.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Create Playlist’ to save your playlist.

2. TikTok Playlist from Video

  • Open the TikTok application on your device.
  • Search for a particular video you want to include in your playlist.
  • Tap on the three dots or Menu icon on the right side. Otherwise, press and hold on a video.
  • Choose the Add to Playlist option.
  • Then, click on Create Playlist.
  • Add an easy-to-remember name to your playlist.
  • At last, save the playlist.

Final Thoughts

And there you go! These are the essential information you need to know about the ‘Playlist’ feature available on TikTok application. Hope now you understand the importance of Playlist features for a TikToker. Never miss out on this feature if you have access to use it.

Keep your videos organized with Playlist features to keep growing your TikTok profile to a greater extent. Good luck 🙂